Her Lovely Heart has been a true labour of love. At a both physically and mentally challenging time, when I found myself not being able to practice photography in a way that I had before, building this business and website became a safe haven. It was a place to share inspiration and encouragement, a place to mentor and pass on things I’d learned, but also a place that kept me going, kept that creative flame inside alive and waiting.

In the span of its lifetime, Her Lovely Heart went through a few permutations, from building a team of other photographers, to sharing inspiration and personal mentoring, all the way to building a community and an online learning environment. All those stages gave me so much, taught me so much. Even though it feels sad to draw a line under this journey, it will not have been time wasted. I needed to do these things at the times that I did them, and I think the newsletter subscriber list that climbed past 10 000 proves that others got something out of it as well. So no, it will not have been a waste.

At this moment in time, whilst I'm back to being strong and able, the call of my photography career is too strong (and obvious) to resist, which means it’s time to raise my hands up and admit that I simply can’t do it all. So, the time has come to lay Her Lovely Heart to rest. Who knows, it might not be final, but it is what needs to happen right now.

The content that still seems to serve people daily will stay up for now, and the Library will be accessible to everyone. I hope that you use these resources and make exciting things happen! That would mean that it’s not really the end, but instead many new beginnings.

If you need me, you can find me over at http://mariannetaylor.co.uk Don’t be a stranger.

Thank you for sharing this space with me, it means more to me that you can imagine!

Always with love,