In this goodie bag you'll find a pretty Anemone desktop wallpaper set designed by Berinmade. Let's hope it will extend the summer with it's cheery flowery goodness!

Anemone deskptop wallpaper designed for Her Lovely Heart by Berinmade.

Designed for Her Lovely Heart by Berinmade.

Click here to download the Anemone wallpaper set by Berinmade: Download

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Author: Her Lovely Heart

Her Lovely Heart is a humming rhythm of inspiration, filled with advice, and encouragement that nurtures you, the quiet artist and heart-led entrepreneur, in the pursuit of running your own businesses. Our resources and training are born out of a desire to help you stay focused and inspired while showing you that it's possible to get your authentic gentler voice heard in a loud market.

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One thought on “Goodie Bag / 4 / Anemone wallpaper set by Berinmade

  1. This is gorgeous! x

    Posted on September 2, 2014 at 1:06 pm