Inspire Your Inbox

Inspire Your Inbox is where I share regular letters of reflection and inspiration that will support you on your journey as a quiet creative entrepreneur. My aim is to both help you come up with fresh ways for dealing with old problems, but also to make you fully aware of how you are feeling about your business, and whether you are finding your joy daily. After having gone through a journey of rediscovery with my own entrepreneurial career, I have come out on the other side feeling super focused about helping you feel like there is a place in the market for a gentler way of doing things.

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Kind words.

Some of the beautiful responses to my letters

‘Thank you so much for writing this because I feel more normal and less of a weirdo and it only enforces what my guts been telling me all along – that I don't have to live the way everyone else is.’
‘You are and always will be my personal hero. Whenever I am feeling doubtful or discouraged, I think of you, and who you are and what you are doing with Her Lovely Heart, and it gives me added courage.’
‘You have personally inspired me to launch my business, not just in your amazing and aspirational imagery but in your sincerity, positivity and willingness to help other creatives.'
'I just wanted say a personal "Thank You" for always bringing a ray of sunshine to my day with your posts. I don't know what it is about you or your website and Twitter page that brings warmth to my moments but I know that it's appreciated.’
‘I love how your mind works! And I'm very thankful that you've chosen to share this with me/the world. I'm quite a negative minded person (although I'm trying hard to turn this around) and I find a lot of my thoughts hold me back. Your post showed me that there are so many other ways to think about things and consider options.’
'It's nice to have found someone who I can relate to and who shows me that I can get there without having to create this hyper-version of myself!'
‘This is a beautiful article Marianne! It's so amazing to hear how you took time to feel what was right for you, and how excited you are to have found it. It's inspiring and has given me new hope – I am currently feeling rather down after a very busy season and not loving things as much as I "should". Thank you for writing this.’
'Thank you so much for your inspirational articles, newsletters and photography. I know my world is a happier place with all these in it.'

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