London Modern Calligraphy Workshop.

Black fingers, mild hissy fits, and a lot of laughter. Last week I attended a Modern Calligraphy Workshop organised by the lovely Chiara Perano of Lamplighter London and Lucy Edmonds of Quill London. I gave the workshop as a Christmas present to my friend (with the added bonus of a date night with me of course!), as I felt like it would be nicer to gift an experience, rather than more stuff that we all probably have enough of.

London Modern Calligraphy Workshop.

Despite holding the dip pen completely upside down in the picture above, it actually felt fairly familiar to my hand (plus resulted in a total old fogie moment when I uttered ‘These things sure have come along a bit in the last… errr.. 20 years!). But yes, I've used a dip pen before, but only for artwork and illustration, never for calligraphy. Handwriting in general has never really been my forte… so perhaps it's finally time to change that!

London Modern Calligraphy Workshop.

I was sat next to an illustrator, which was slightly intimidating to say the least! But it was also fascinating to see how right out of the blocks, everyone who attended had a completely individual style to their lettering.

London Modern Calligraphy Workshop.

I think for a first timer, I wasn't awful, even though I have no idea how to actually write! Most of all though, the whole evening was such good fun, that despite my hissy about not being instantly amazing at calligraphy, it immediately felt like something I want to keep doing. Of course, I recently also started painting again, so we'll see how all these new/old hobbies fit into my life!

London Modern Calligraphy Workshop.

You can feel the concentration! There was also laughter, promise.

London Modern Calligraphy Workshop.

Ever since the workshop, I've been trying to be a good girl and practise, practise, practise…

Free hand lettered Love wallpaper by Marianne Taylor.

I quite liked how this ‘love' turned out while I was practising, so I thought I'd make a little wallpaper with it. If you dig it, you can download it, too.

Click here to download ‘Love' wallpaper by Marianne Taylor: Download

Author: Marianne Taylor

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One thought on “Modern Calligraphy workshop in London

  1. Oh I love your calligraphy! Learning how to do this is on my list of goals for 2015! I would love to go to a workshop like this – hopefully this one will go on tour around the UK and head up to Yorkshire! x

    Posted on January 15, 2015 at 3:16 pm