Marianne Taylor by Caught the Light Photography.

I have a good feeling about 2015, like it's going to be an exciting, important year. As much good as there was in 2014, it also felt very heavy as a year, and I'm very much looking forward to feeling lighter and brighter. If nothing else, 2015 will be a year of concentrated effort on my part to bring colour and fun back into my life. One of the ways I'm trying to achieve this is by making an effort to dress in a more fun way again. There was a time when my wardrobe was super colourful, but somehow, it feels like I've spent the last decade dressed in black. Well, no more!

Marianne Taylor by Caught the Light Photography.

Another way I'm bringing colour back is with my intention to start painting again. I can't even remember when I last picked up a paintbrush, but it must have been at least a good 16 or so years ago. We'll see how it turns out, or if I can even do it anymore, but I'm looking forward to the therapeutic and inspiring process of it, rather than the actual outcomes. I'm hoping to share any progress with you guys soon!

Marianne Taylor by Caught the Light Photography.
Dress: Gap | Denim jacket: TU by Sainsbury's | Tights: UK tights | Shoes: Fashionworld

I never really meant to have a ‘my style' kind of section here on Her Lovely Heart, but then I thought, actually, perhaps it can be inspiring to some of you to see someone who's not that young, or a perfect size, or with a budget for designer gear, trying to make an effort to dress in a more fun way. For me, playing with clothes (as well as my living space) certainly has a place in the process of staying inspired and feeling that spark for new ideas. Perhaps these kind of posts here and there will transfer some of that spark to you as well! Here's to a colourful 2015!

Photography: Caught the Light Photography
Make-up: Elbie van Eeden

Author: Marianne Taylor

Her Lovely Heart founder Marianne Taylor is a photographer, an educator, and a lover of colour & light. Her work has been published in blogs and magazines the world over and her personal photography has been part of an exhibition at Tate Britain. To work with Marianne, see the mentoring services she offers. Or, if you like the photography on HLH, you might want to check out her Product & Lifestyle photography services to see whether you could work together to help your brand grow. She is also slightly obsessed with her two cats, Astrid & Sofia, and loves Instagram.

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