Photography workshops for introverts.

Do you want to run a business that lights you up, but fear that you're too quiet to make your mark? Join one of my live workshops, I'd love to help you on your journey!


Intimate in-person workshops for small groups of mostly introverted creatives. Dates and locations are generally released a couple of months prior to the workshop.


I work with introverted photographers and artist entrepreneurs to help build a strategy that lets them leverage their personal style and personality. I specialise in assisting quiet creative small business owners on how to attract their ideal clients, create an authentic brand, give their creative business an engaging online presence, and help them identify the best ways to market their services.


If you are a photographer or a creative business owner, who prefers learning in person, my workshops offer a safe and calm environment where ideas can be bounced off of other attendees, and where you don't have to fight to get your questions answered.


Live What You Love workshop for photographers and creative entrepreneurs.


The Live What You Love workshop is for photographers wanting to pursue their dream by building a successful business around their passion. It's for artists who want to feel as inspired and excited about creating a satisfying business, as they do about creating images. It's for dreamers who want to feel like they're living a meaningful life and running a business that lights them up, while also staying profitable.

Most of the teaching will take place in a relaxed and intimate environment; this is not a stuffy classroom workshop. There will also be a shoot at the end of the day, concentrating on demonstrating how I direct a couple.

I will talk about all the aspects that I have found most beneficial in my own photography business, as well as my approach to shooting weddings and couple sessions. My aim is for you to leave full of inspiration, excited about the possibilities in front of you.

Topics will include, but are not limited to:

  • Identifying your unique style, vision and voice
  • Staying inspired and developing your craft
  • Client communication & customer service
  • The importance of a strong brand identity and successful branding
  • Making pricing work for you
  • Introduction to the Beloved/Moment Design interaction technique for photographers


There are currently no workshops scheduled. If you are interested in attending or organising a future workshop, get in touch!


Client feedback.


'The workshop helped give me the confidence to pursue photography as a profession. I really felt like I had a head start having learnt from others’ experiences, things to focus on, things to avoid. I created a website, started booking clients and received excellent feedback about how professional my approach was. Most people assumed I’d been in this business for years. I highly recommend Marianne Taylor’s workshop to any aspiring wedding photographers. Marianne shared so much about how she runs her business & how she looks after her clients. The tips and workflows I learnt were essential and really gave me a head start so I could kick off my business the right way.'
Genevieve Chapman
Paula O'Hara
'Marianne’s work was a huge inspiration to me when I began in the world of wedding photography. When I had a chance to attend one of her workshops in London, I realised she was not just a great photographer, but also a fantastic educator. She has so much experience in her field, and is an open book sharing nuggets of wisdom, creativity and great business sense with insane levels of passion. I came away with a renewed sense of confidence in my craft, and so much more to think about in areas of branding, presentation, pricing and client care. I couldn’t recommend this workshop enough!'
Paula O'Hara
Lucy Davenport
‘Thank You for such a fantastic workshop. I had no expectations going into it, but have come away feeling so inspired and certainly now have a clearer vision with the business aspect as to where I need to be!’
Lucy Davenport
Joie Takaki
‘I am grateful that I decided to join the workshop at such a entry level. With lack of experience (both business-wise and photography experience-wise), I walked away from the workshop with so much to think about! Which is fantastic as this is probably the most effective way for anyone considering a photography business to know what they are up against, to have a serious think about who they are, what they want their real purpose to be in life, and to really question whether this the right decision and path to pursue. I am even further inspired and motivated to do so! Thank you for that re-enforcement!’
Joie Takaki
Polly Alexandre
‘Thank you Marianne for heartfelt teaching, thoughts, ideas, inspiration….. and more homework than anyone could want for. I loved the open and thoughtful spirit in which you approached it all.’
Polly Alexandre


About your instructor

Her Lovely Heart founder Marianne Taylor is a dreamer, a photographer, an educator and a lover of colour, light, and beauty. She has been a photographer since the late 90's, along with having a long career as a magazine designer. Her wedding & editorial photography has been published in blogs and magazines the world over and her personal photography has been part of an exhibition at Tate Britain. In the past, she has been selected as one of the '30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography' by Rangefinder Magazine and was the National Winner of the title ‘Best Wedding Photographer' at the inaugural Wedding Industry Awards in the UK. She is passionate about helping quiet creatives to fall in love with their business.